Drum Stand Lamp

One of the rooms in our house has been dubbed “the music room” because of the large number of random musical instruments hanging on the walls, on the shelves, and in the corners.  So, when E and I were at a yard sale a few summers ago, I couldn’t pass up a $10.00 high-hat drum stand.  After a few minutes of brainstorming in the driveway of the sale, I decided to make a lamp out of the upcycled (as those crazy tree huggers call it) drum stand lamp.

I returned home with the drum stand and found a scrap piece of hardwood (if you know what kind it is feel free to tell me!)  I drilled holes in each end of the 3″x 3″ x 16″ piece wood and mounted it in my lathe.  I turned it (pun intended) into a pole that matched the diameter of the drum stand’s metal locking nut on one end and the light socket on the other end.  There are different lamp kits on the market, but a $8.00 one
similar to this kit at Home Depot should work just fine.

If you do not have access to a wood lathe, a chair leg or vertical banister post stained to the color or your choosing will also work.

Add your favorite new or reclaimed lamp shade to the top of the lamp and you have a one of a kind lamp for under $20.00!


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