Rustic Wood Knife Wall Display

This project was a way to get a quick sawdust fix while checking something off my to do list.  

This project cost about $10 to build and made use of some scrap wood to cleanup the shop in the process. 

Finished display with space for more knives to come.

I started with 5 pine fence pickets, which cost about $1.50 each from lowes (buy the natural, non-pressure treated boards).  

The rounded off ends were cut off and each board was cut to length at the radial arm saw.  

Back view of the runners. Split, but oh well.

I was able to find several pieces of scrap wood to screw into the display (from the back) to tie all of the boards together.  Two brass picture hanging brackets mounted to the back allows the display to be hung securely on the wall.   
This was a quick rustic project so I wasn’t too concerned about all of the splits in the runners on the back.  I could have pre-drilled all of the holes and avoided the splits, but honestly, they didn’t bother me enough to take the extra time.

The next challenge was to come up with a way to mount the knives to the board without using ugly zip ties.  

Use fishing line to attach the knives to the board

I decided on fishing line to attach the knives to the display.  The fishing line I used was 8lb line – should be more than enough strength to hold the knives up.  I drilled two holes vertically close together behind the knife so they wouldn’t be visible and tied the line in the back of the board.