5 Simple Woodworking Projects for Parents

Being a parent means more time with the kiddos and less time in the wood shop.  But it shouldn’t mean no time in the shop.  Our kids need to see us enjoying our hobbies.  We as woodworkers can teach our kids how to problem solve, how to be patient, how to be creative, and how to deal with failure – all while enjoying some much needed wood shop time.  We can also make some useful projects that will hold special meaning for our kids.

Here are 5 projects that provide a quick and easy sawdust fix.

1.  Bird houses (Owl house)

This screech owl house was made from the plans found here.  Still waiting for an owl.

2. Magnet Boards

Frame is made from leopard wood and maple. Sheet metal for the magnetic area.

Practicing hand tool skills while the kiddos are sleeping lets you get your fix without waking the baby!

3. Crayon holders

Maple and walnut combination crayon holder.

This crayon holder was an extremely quick project to build with 3 pieces of scrap wood. The trick (skill builder) is to plane all three pieces perfectly flat so there is no visible seam.

4.  Toys

Oak plywood toy barn.

Kids seem to love the simplest toys, whether it is wood blocks, a wooden car or train, or a barn.  I made this barn for my nephew a few years back.  E gets credit for the paint job!

5. Kid’s Hanging Shelf

Maple shelf for kid’s room.

Check out the step by step directions for this simple project here